Major drug, gun bust in NW DC leads to the arrest of 12 Kennedy Street Crew members, says DC US Attorney.

Major drug, gun bust in NW DC leads to the arrest of 12 Kennedy Street Crew members, says DC US Attorney
U.S. Attorney for DC Matthew Graves announces a dozen arrests taking down “KDY Crew.”

WASHINGTON — DC Police and the U.S. Attorney says one Northwest D.C. neighborhood is little safer after a major bust.

An unsealed federal indictment released Tuesday describes a sophisticated drug and gun crew. Now, they face serious federal charges alleging conspiracy.

Twelve members of the so-called “Kennedy Street Crew” were arrested by DC Police in the past two days. The U.S. Attorney says over 400 grams of fentanyl were seized, and they described that as the core of their criminal operation. One hundred kilograms of cannabis was also seized.

Forty-two firearms were seized, eight of which are suspected to be machine guns worth several hundred thousand dollars in total.

The U.S. Attorney says the Kennedy Street Crew was located between 100 and 1200 Kennedy Street Northwest, D.C. Also known as “KDY,” this crew allegedly ran open-air drug markets.

The indictment says they smuggled much of their fentanyl from the California Bay Area.

“As alleged in the indictment, the Kennedy Street Crew (KDY) operated over an 11-block stretch, trafficking in large amounts of drugs and firearms and possessing numerous firearms in furtherance of its operations,” said U.S. Attorney Graves. “Criminal organizations like this are a magnet for violence. My office, MPD, and our federal law enforcement partners are focused on identifying and rooting out these types of operations: whether it be fentanyl poisonings or the violence that typically accompanies large-scale drug operations, these distribution networks present a substantial threat to our community.”

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When asked by WUSA9 whether the IRS’s involvement means that the Kennedy Street Crew is accused of money laundering through established businesses, the U.S. Attorney would not reveal that, citing “several more” upcoming arrests.