Pride and Ukrainian flags burned or vandalized overnight in Silver Spring

Flags promoting Pride were set on fire overnight near downtown Silver Spring, Maryland, infuriating members of the community.

Mark Heare and Chris Middleton were asleep in their home when their dogs woke them up.

“By the time I came down, I didn’t see anybody,” Heare said. “I walked out the walk and didn’t see anybody. Went back in. Looked at the Ring video and said, ‘Oh, there was somebody here.’”

The video shows someone covering his face while lighting the couple’s Pride flag on fire before running away laughing.

Burn marks are visible on the door frame where the flag was attached.

As many as 10 Pride or Ukrainian flags were burned or vandalized on Mansfield Road, Wayne Place, Ellsworth Place, Greenbrier Drive, Pershing Drive and Deerfield Drive, Montgomery County police said.

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