Canada – Individual associated with Atomwaffen Division charged with terrorism and hate propaganda

The RCMP arrested two individuals, one in Ottawa and another in Kingsey Falls, following an investigation led by the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET). In April 2020, INSET received information on individuals allegedly involved in the activities of the terrorist group Atomwaffen Division, linked to neo-Nazi ideology. At this stage of the investigation, Patrick Gordon Macdonald, 26, from Ottawa, is facing three charges under the Criminal Code:

83.18 – Participating in activity of a terrorist group
83.19 – Facilitating terrorist activity
83.2 – Commission of offence for terrorist group (wilful promotion of hatred (319(2))

This case is the first in Canada in which an individual advocating a violent far-right ideology has been charged with both terrorism and hate propaganda.

According to the investigation, Mr. Macdonald allegedly helped produce propaganda material for the benefit of the terrorist entity Atomwaffen Division. He allegedly participated in and facilitated the creation, production and distribution of three terrorist propaganda videos. This material was intended to promote the group and recruit members, and encourages the commission of terrorist activities.

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