5 Pagan Bikers arrested after alleged assault at Hotel.

Five Pagan bikers are behind bars after they allegedly assaulted a Beaver County resident over the weekend.

According to the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office, Beaver Falls police and Pennsylvania state police were called to the Big Beaver Ramada Inn for a reported fight and assault.

Officials said several Pagan gang members allegedly beat a person several times, using boots, fists and brass knuckles. They also put a gun to the victim’s head and stole the victim’s firearm, according to officials.

Officers at the scene were told the gang had reserved 32 rooms at the hotel, all of which police received search warrants for.

The goal of the search warrants was to find the stolen firearm and the gun and brass knuckles used to threaten the victim, the district attorney’s office said.

Because of the large number of gang members and the possibility of the presence of several firearms and weapons, police at the scene requested the assistance of local agencies and SWAT units from Beaver and Washington counties, officials said.

Sixty-nine people were removed and detained temporarily while officers at the scene executed the search warrants.

Twenty-six firearms were found and run through federal databases, the district attorney’s office said. One of the guns was found to be stolen out of West Virginia. The assault victim’s firearm was also recovered.

Five sets of brass knuckles were also recovered and seized at the scene.

Four Pagan members were arrested for robbery and aggravated assault and one was arrested for possessing a stolen firearm. Four of them are from West Virginia and one is from Maryland.

Preliminary hearings are scheduled for Sept. 8.