Brooklyn Homes mass shooting: 173-page report details Baltimore’s response to block party violence

The 173-page report detailing Baltimore City’s response to the Brooklyn Homes mass shooting, the largest in the city’s history, reveals acts of heroism by officers who saved lives.

That includes newly-released police body-worn camera video.

But it also documents failures to properly respond to the large, unpermitted event until it was too late, including warnings that it was turning out of control.

Three days beforehand, police intelligence uncovered a flyer that stated the annual Brooklyn Day block party was happening but did not act on the advance notice and had no one monitoring social media the day of the event.

Also, officers saw the party setting up but did not provide needed extra patrols as the crowds grew, swelling to as many as 900 people.

The report said two CitiWatch camera operators never notified supervisors of the growing party.

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