Michigan Judge to Hear Final Day of Testimony Before Sentencing School Shooter

A judge will hear a fourth and final day of testimony Friday to determine whether a teenager will get a life sentence for the fatal shooting of four students at a Michigan school in 2021. An immediate decision is not expected. Prosecutors are planning to counter claims made by a psychologist who said Ethan Crumbley was like a “feral child” and mentally ill when he attacked students and staff at Oxford High School. Crumbley, now 17, pleaded guilty to murder, terrorism and other crimes. His attorneys are arguing he can be rehabilitated while in prison and should receive a sentence giving him an opportunity for parole some day. “Ethan’s brain is still maturing,” psychologist Colin King said on Aug. 1. Because of his age — 15 at the time of the shooting — the teen can’t automatically be given life sentence. Oakland County Judge Kwame Rowe must consider his maturity, mental health, tumultuous family life and other factors set by the U.S. Supreme Court. Read the full story at US News