A ‘rogue’s gallery’ of threats made against US since Hamas attack on Israel, FBI Director Christopher Wray says

Since Hamas’ surprise terror attack against Israel on Oct. 7, law enforcement has seen a “rogue’s gallery” of calls for attacks against the U.S. from Hezbollah to Al Qaeda, FBI Director Christopher Wray said Wednesday.

“Given those calls for action, our most immediate concern is that individuals or small groups will draw inspiration from the events in the Middle East to carry out attacks here at home,” he said in testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee. “We are keeping a close eye on what impact we have on those terrorist groups intentions here in the United States and how those tensions might evolve.”

Wray told the committee during the “Worldwide Threats to the Homeland” hearing that the “biggest chunk of the threats” reported to the FBI are “threats to the Jewish community, synagogues, Jewish prominent officials, things like that.”

Director of the National Counterterrorism Center Christine Abizaid testified that “terrorists and violent extremists are exploiting multiple core grievances to fuel violence.”

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