Accused gang member sentenced to 25 years in recording studio shooting.

A gang member was sentenced to 25 years in prison for shooting and paralyzing a rival in a Montgomery County, Maryland, recording studio in August 2020.

Prosecutors said chilling video played for the jury showed Marvin Frazier in a Montgomery Village studio when he heard two rivals in an ongoing gang feud were in the lobby. He is seen going after the two with a gun in his hand as others try to hold him back.

He pistol-whipped one man before firing the weapon through a doorway, hitting another.

That man was critically wounded – paralyzed from the waist down.

“This was a rap studio,” prosecutor Teresa Casafranca said. “They were recording. There was two different recording studios. They were complete strangers to each other, and, in fact, there was nothing to indicate he even knew who the victims were personally, just that he believed them to be part of another gang.”

After the shooting, Frazier went on the run before he was taken into custody several months later, prosecutors said.

At trial, Frazier took the stand and said he only opened fire because he was defending himself, prosecutors said.