Emergency rooms in at least 3 states diverting patients after ransomware attack

Hospitals in at least three states are diverting patients from their emergency rooms after a major cyberattack hit their parent company last week.

Ardent Health Services, which oversees 30 hospitals across the U.S., said Monday that it had been the victim of a severe ransomware attack in Oklahoma, News Mexico and Texas, forcing it to take action.

“In an abundance of caution, our facilities are rescheduling some non-emergent, elective procedures and diverting some emergency room patients to other area hospitals until systems are back online,” the company said in a news release.

Spokespeople at three Ardent-owned hospital chains across the U.S. — Hillcrest HealthCare System in Oklahoma, Lovelace Health System in New Mexico, and UT Health in Texas — each told NBC News Monday that at least some of their emergency rooms were diverting patients to other hospitals while the company tries to fix the damage from the attack.

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