Hoax threats sent to schools, synagogues across Colorado

Dozens of schools and synagogues across Colorado received bomb threats Tuesday, which prompted some of them to evacuate.

The FBI Denver office said it was aware of “numerous hoax bomb threats” sent to various government buildings, schools and other facilities in Colorado but said they have no information that any of them were credible.

The Colorado Office of Emergency Management said more than 40 schools, districts and synagogues across the state reported that they received a bomb threat via email. The office said, “No credible threats were discovered today in Colorado.”

Denver Public Schools said they were among the districts that received “vague threats.”

“Denver Public Schools along with other school districts around the state received an email threat this morning that was very generic. It didn’t list a single school, didn’t list a person, didn’t list anything other than it was a generic threat,” said Scott Pribble, the district’s Director of External Communications.

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