Student, father arrested, RPGs found after threat to Rancho Bernardo High School

A high school student and his father were arrested after police served a search warrant in response to the teen threatening to shoot up Rancho Bernardo High School.

San Diego Police confirmed to NBC 7 that the Rancho Bernardo High School campus is safe and has been swept for any explosive devices.

Police received several reports last Friday saying the suspected teen was showing concerning videos and making threatening statements against the school for Tuesday, Jan. 30, SDPD said. That same day, the student, who was not named because he was underage, was arrested and taken to juvenile hall.

“I want to commend the students who acted responsibly by reporting what they heard. Please use this opportunity to remind your children, if they see something, say something to continue to keep our community safe through our collective vigilance,” read a letter from Principal Hans Becker that was sent out to students over the weekend.

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