Air National Guardsman accused of posting classified documents online expected to plead guilty

Jack Teixeira, the Air National Guardsman accused of posting a trove of classified documents online, is expected to plead guilty to federal charges on Monday, according to a source familiar with the matter.

In a court filing Thursday, prosecutors in Boston asked for a so-called Rule 11 hearing – proceedings to discuss a change of plea. He previously pleaded not guilty. The hearing is scheduled for 11 a.m. Monday.

Teixeira, a Massachusetts native who was 21 when he was arrested, is charged with six counts of willful retention and transmission of classified information related to national defense. It is not yet clear what charge he plans to plead guilty to, nor what any potential deal he struck with prosecutors looks like.

Teixeira has been held in federal custody since his arrest in April.

CNN has reached out to the Justice Department for comment.

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