25 years after Columbine, survivors say they’re still haunted by the attack

The epicenter of the Columbine High School mass shooting was the library, where Craig Scott was studying for a biology test on April 20, 1999. Scott, then 16, said he had just sat down next to his friend, Matt Kechter, when his life turned upside down.

This week marks 25 years since two seniors at the Colorado high school committed one of the most infamous school shootings in American history, killing 12 students and a teacher. The shooting left 21 others with gunshot wounds and three with injuries suffered in the ensuing chaos.

Now, at age 41, Scott told ABC News that he still vividly recalls the horror and the carnage he witnessed that day while hiding under a desk in the library “paralyzed with fear” as the two gunmen were just inches away.

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